Driver AI, Inc.

Lead ML Engineer

Full-Time in United States - %LABEL_POSITION_TYPE_REMOTE_ANY% - Engineering

About Driver AI

Driver AI is the new way to write technical documentation. It helps everyone in an organization write interactive documents to explain millions of lines of code in minutes instead of months.

Driver AI works by digesting codebases and other assets, organizing them for analysis, and harnessing Large Language Models (LLMs) to generate interactive explanations for executives, product and technology leaders, and developers.

  • WHO: Driver AI partners with chip manufacturing, enterprise IT, and software product development teams.
  • WHY: Traditionally, these teams spend millions and wait months (sometimes years) to understand their complex technology infrastructure well enough to build on top of it.
  • THE DRIVER DIFFERENCE: Instead, Driver AI is a tool that explains complex codebases in minutes vs. months. This enables teams to rapidly accelerate the technical discovery process and save significant resources.

As part of the engineering team...

Your work will directly impact the delivery of our product's first version to our initial customers. Your contributions will have significant technical and cultural implications that shape the course of our growth, and you will adapt your role and focus over time in response to the fast pace of a startup environment.

Early on, you will work closely with the founders and small engineering team to rapidly iterate on tech and product foundations. There will be significant latitude in technology and method choices early on. We will look to you to lead the development of our LLM agent systems and work with other engineers to rapidly iterate. In the longer term, you will be a senior leader in the engineering organization and help build and lead ML teams inside Driver.

This role is a good fit for someone interested in being at an early-stage startup, being heavily involved in building an early vision, and who may want to be a founder someday.

Important cultural values at Driver include the concept of directly responsible individuals (DRIs), rapid iteration and experimentation, doing your homework to explain decisions with data, a culture of long-form documentation, prioritizing demos, asking questions, and open and respectful communication.


  • Lead ML strategy at Driver AI.
  • Engage with founders to iterate on the initial product.
  • Work with ML and software engineering colleagues to deliver end-to-end products.
  • 0 — 6 months: significant heads down early product development. Focuses will include:
    • Development of LLM-powered API and codebase comprehension systems.
    • Development of skill-building closed-loop agent systems.
  • 6+ months: Significantly own software engineering working closely with the founders:
    • Build out and lead an ML engineering/software engineering team as the company grows.
    • DRI for key ML product initiatives.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Experience solving open-ended problems, iterating quickly, experimenting to gather data, and documenting thoughts for others.
  • Experience working on NLP and LLM applications; deep understanding of how LLMs work and why, and possess practical/applied knowledge.
  • Experience with LLM grounding and steering methods.
  • Experience developing and deploying ML solutions in a hosted/cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.
  • Graduate degree (MS/PhD) in Machine Learning, Applied Math, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, or a related field.

Preferred Qualifications

  • 3+ years of technical leadership in a high-growth ML-oriented or B2B SaaS organization.
  • Experience and know-how training language models from scratch and/or fine-tuning language models.
  • Experience building closed-loop LLM agent systems (e.g., multi-model interactions and feedback, mixed software execution and LLM agent execution).
  • Experience building applications and/or working on Code LLM models such as Starcoder, CodeT5+, and Code Interpreter.
  • Ph.D. in Machine Learning, Applied Math, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, or related field.


  • Competitive Compensation Packages - Cash & Equity
  • Flexible Work Culture
  • Unlimited Time Off + 12 Paid Company Holidays
  • Insurance - Health, Dental, & Vision
  • Life Insurance & FSA Accounts
  • 401(k) Retirement Accounts - Traditional, Roth, or Both
  • Quarterly Team Offsites